Windows 10 Premium installation ISO

Admin 11/04/2023

Instructions for installing Windows 10 Premium in ISO format .

    • Built based on the original Windows 10 version downloaded from MSDN, updated version 4/2024 build 19045.4291
    • Option to choose the original version without any modifications.
    • Support for hard drives using the latest Intel Core Ultra computers
    • Support for both UEFI and legacy standards
    • With the Auto Active option, Windows and Office (Premium version) will be automatically activated permanently
    • Save installation time as there is only the step of naming the computer
    • Pre-installed Visual C++ library, vntime and vni fonts
    • Enable Net framework, DirectPlay, SMB1Protocol by default
    • Do not personalize any Windows components.

Scroll down to the end of the article to find the decryption password.

Some optimizations are applied to optimize Windows

I publicly disclose these optimizations for you to know and choose whether to use them or not. Once you choose this version of Windows, you have accepted these optimizations by default.

      • Turn off automatic Windows updates to avoid installing updates that may cause minor errors, to update, you need to check Windows Update.
      • Remove rarely used software from the Windows Store (can be reinstalled via the Store), keep: Windows Security, Windows Store, Paint, Sketch, Camera, — Calculator, Notepad, Photos, Snipping, Sticky notes, Voice recorder, Xbox Game Bar, Your Phone (Phone Link).
      • Office is set up with standard office settings: fonts, alignment, headings, table of contents, charts… Integrated with Vietnamese language, easy to switch.
      • Turn off Windows Tips; turn off Widget, System Restore, and New and Interests (can be enabled at C:\Tool\Reg*.7z)
      • Turn off Reserved_Storage
      • Enable Light theme
      • Enable hibernate
      • Enable automatic time zone and time
      • Optimize Windows Security and exclude Windows Security for the C:\Tool directory, files in .iso, .wim, .esd, .cab formats.
      • Turn off complex Windows installation settings, only the step of setting the User name and password to save maximum installation time.
      • Windows 10 Premium designed in AIO format (multiple versions in 1 ISO file)
      • Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 Premium No Software version

      • Pre-installed: Winrar, EVKey, VnTime and VNI fonts, full VC ++ library
      • Optimized for lightweight and smooth performance.
      • Includes tools to disable Windows Update and Defender, and specialized tools for Windows and Office at C:Tool.
      • Enable NetFramework 3.5 and 4.8 by default.

Windows 10 Premium Full Software version

    • Includes all features and software of the No Software version and the following software:
    • Microsoft Office 2019 Pro Plus 2019 Volume (Access, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, Word). Word has been customized to office standards.
    • Essential software: Foxit Reader, K-Lite Codec, Anydesk
    • Tool section: includes tools to activate Windows and Office.


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